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Business Plan 1 creat an invention

. How much will it cost to build your invention? Is it made of metal? plastic? What is your best guess as to how much the materials will cost?

2. How much will it cost to buy the invention from you?

3. If you plan to give your invention away for free, how will you get the money to build it?

business paln 2

-If your invention is meant to be used by the government, then:

What parts of the government will use it?

What people will you need to talk to?

How much money will you charge for it?

How many items can you expect the government to buy?

-If your invention is meant to be used by regular people, then:

Give some details about the average person that will buy your product: age, gender, job, location, are they married? Do they have children?

How much will your invention cost?

How many will each person or each family buy?

If every family in the US buys one, how many will you sell?

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