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Consider the data flow “octopus,” as shown in Figure 8.1, Business analytics logical data flow, from your textbook. How can the analysis system gather data from all these sources that, presumably, are protected themselves?” 335
1600083311-6420 Discussion post “Visit the following website (Links to an external site.).
1. Share what you found while exploring this health care application.
2. How can you utilize this application in your professional nursing practice?

terminology 2 “Current Events Topic: What is Public Health?
What is public health?
Write a 175- to 265-word response to the following questions:

Now that you have learned about the various professions in public health what did or did not surprise you? What did you learn about the role of facilities or clinics such as the following?
Retail health clinics
Ambulatory centers
Long-term care facilities (consider different populations who need long-term care services)
Walk-in clinics
How is public health involved with epidemics such as COVID-19?” 335

read through the attached Notes and learn about VPN protocols and Client/Server remote access.

Consider the VPN technologies studied in this session, including IPSec in the Tunnel mode, L2TP over IPsec, PPTP and SSL/TLS VPN.


Which one would you choose for your company?


Describe in your own words how it works.


Can you discuss its advantages and its weakness or drawbacks?


Do you know some products that are based on that technology?



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