Brand Engagement Model

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Brand Engagement Model


Brand Engagement Model: After carefully reviewing the lecture materials, assigned reading(s), and relevant resources, please respond to the following:

Module 8 Video: – Brand Management Over Time

(This video is also available under Course Content – Module 8)

In addition to the chapter, please use at least one other professional resource in your post.

DQ1: Jim Copacino provided an example of revitalizing the Seattle Mariners brand.  Choose a brand that you believe needs to be revitalized and explain how you would do that and the rationale behind it.  You may discuss the brand that you are using for your final brand creation and management plan.

DQ2: Using the same or a different brand example, discuss how the brand addresses a different target audience or global market.

**Do not use brands that are used as examples in the textbook. Brands are: Patagonia, Pabst, Volkswagen, JCPenney, Harley Davidson, Mt Dew, Burberry, Chobani, Coach, Tommy Hilfinger, Tylenol.

Note: Please post your original response by Thursday and respond to at least two peers by Sunday. You must follow APA guidelines and cite at least two reliable sources (professional or academic) within the body of your post. Also, please be sure to include a reference section at the end of your post. 

Brand Engagement Model

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