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Book: Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck. Prompt: what power and privilege can do

Thesis: The power and privileges held over minority groups cause feelings of isolation and confinement.

First topic sentence: The lack of jurisdiction causes Crooks to have a profound sense of loneliness and solitude.

The first piece of evidence: For example, Crooks describes that Lennie “got George” (Steinbeck 69), but because Crooks is black, he “ain’t wanted” (Steinbeck 69).

The second piece of evidence: Moreover, Crooks decided to tease Lennie about how George “ain’t coming back” (Steinbeck 72), which gave him much “pleasure in his torture” (Steinbeck 72).

Second topic sentence: Being disadvantaged, migrant workers, George and Lennie feel held captive by their circumstances.

First piece of evidence: For instance, Lennie complains that the ranch “ain’t no good place” (Steinbeck 34), but George explains that they “can’t help it” (Steinbeck 34).

Second piece of evidence: Additionally, Crooks tells Lennie that he cannot achieve his desire, and even though Lennie tends extensive work, he cannot experience comfort or “heaven”: “Nobody gets to heaven, and nobody gets no land” (Steinbeck, 74).

I need some help writing the analysis for each piece of evidence. I also need help revising the topic sentences if i need

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