Before you start read Burn: Ch. 7 “Women and Globalization” Pp. 150-169; Global Woman: – Essaylink

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Before you start read Burn: Ch. 7 “Women and Globalization” Pp. 150-169; Global Woman: Ch. 2, 3, & 4, also study the maps and charts on Migration Trends on P. 276-280 Instruction: Your analytical term paper should be related to at the least three themes or subject matters: gender; socio-economic development policies or strategies; and globalization. So, I expect a more relevant proposal from you. More Examples: Globalization and human trafficking (Sex & Labor); The Nanny Dilemma; Migration (who, where, and why); Mail ordered brides; Maid to order; Outsourcing and Maquiladora (Hints: why do Transnational Corporations hire mostly women, especially younger women?); Why so many women are killed and disappear in Juarez, Mexico?; How is COVID-19 pandemic related to development policies and globalization?; What are pros and cons on NAFTA (North America Free Trade Agreement)?; Climate Change and Development priorities; Compare two countries with each other with regard to gender and development criteria; Pros and Cons of globalization; What kind of development strategies/policies make people happier?; … Film: The Global Assembly Line (women and globalization in America & Asia) 58 minutes In 1986, nearly a decade before NAFTA’s passage, filmmaker Lorraine W. Gray takes us to the maquiladoras of Juarez, Mexico, to the electronics factories of an export-processing zone in the Philippines, and to shuttered plants in Eastern Tennessee, USA paying particular attention to how the outsourcing of labor from the U.S. has influenced the lives of young women in the Global South: (Links to an external site.) Dear writer:Please use your own words, you have to write specific and compare at least two countries with detail.If you have question please contact to me. I attach the proposal paper , my professor approved topic. Please read it and use as a topic ,if you have question let me know

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