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Supervisor works as part of Professor Douglas B. Kell group: our interest are on bacterial physiology and these are the topics are within the realm of:

Bacterial persistence to antibiotics ( and more specifically he will be working with the relation between the methylation of bacterial DNA and persistence to antibiotics using Escherichia coli. Initially the work will be carried using gene knock-out strains the lack three different genes encoding DNA methylases (YhdJ, Dcm, HsdM)

Extensive revising reading is advised from microbiology textbooks. Basic bacterial physiology (growth) and structure (gram negative, gram positive).

Also, reading on antibiotics: penicillins, beta-lactams, fluoroquinolones, aminoglycosides, macrolides, antifolates, tetracyclines, lipoproteins (colistin).



For general background read reviews on bacteria persistence to antibiotics

For methodology mainly primary/original papers about persistence to antibiotics. You read carefully the Methods sections in those papers: for instance read the following, with special attention to the methodology

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