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Assignment 1: Week 2 Team Work
You have received an RFP. Now what? How do you begin to function as a team? How do you begin with the right questions to start filling out the first section of the documents identified in this week’s Learning Resources? How will you and your team develop your game plan on the Team Project Planning Worksheet?
Considerable information gathering, clarification, and review must occur before agreeing to take on a program evaluation project. Your activities this week will help you focus on these initial steps. This week allows you to begin to think, as a team, about some of the issues that will be applicable for your proposal, the first part of which is due in Week 4.
Some of the challenges with getting started toward producing a proposal include being clear on what the stakeholders want and whether you can devise a plan that is worth your own time and effort. You will find that the whole-class Discussion forum this week and in future weeks will ask questions that you can consider individually for the class Discussion and then can incorporate back into your team’s discussions and planning for your own RFP.
Note: Your team assignment will be posted to you no later than Day 2 of this week.
Team Activities By Day 3
Connect with your partners in the team’s discussion. Begin to get to know one another.
Review Chapter 2 of your text and other relevant resources listed for this week. Verify that everyone has viewed the Audiopedia and Wedell videos in this week’s Learning Resources.
Verify that everyone has reviewed the Program Evaluation Proposal Template and the Team Project Planning Worksheet and noted which sections are due and when during the course. Consider how this and every week’s activities fit into completing sections of your Team Project Planning Worksheet and Program Evaluation Proposal Template.
Review your RFP and the documents identified in this week’s Learning Resources, especially the requirements for your first team proposal work product, to be submitted in Week 4.
Post in your Project Team Space Discussion forum by Day 3 the initial information you have from the RFP for your team’s evaluation project. Describe your individual observations and thoughts about the following issues for planning and preparing:
Who wants an evaluation?
What should be the focus of the evaluation?
Why is an evaluation wanted?
When is an evaluation wanted?
What resources are available to support an evaluation?
Explain what you know from the RFP. Explain what you need to discuss further as part of planning the proposal for the program evaluation. Continue to refine your ideas with your team members throughout the rest of the week.
Here are the references for the reference page:
Required Readings
Course Text
Linfield, K. J., & Posavac, E. J. (2019). Program evaluation: Methods and case studies (9th ed.). London: Routledge.
Chapter 2, “Planning an Evaluation”
Centers for Disease Control. (n.d.). Developing an Effective Evaluation Plan. Retrieved March 8, 2021 from
Part I: Developing Your Evaluation Plan. WHO IS THE AUDIENCE FOR THIS WORKBOOK? The purpose of this workbook is to help public health program managers, administrators, Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention. (2002). Incorporating evaluation into the Request for Proposal (RFP) process (Program Evaluation Briefing Series No. 5). Retrieved from
Note: Although this is an older document, there has been no update and it still is relevant. This document offers information from the perspective of a funder/granter on how to use program evaluation in grant requests.
Western Michigan University. (n.d.-b). The Evaluation Center: Evaluation checklists. Retrieved February 25, 2019, from
See these relevant sections for this week:
Managing Evaluation
Engaging Stakeholders
I will send the file that you will need the information to answer the questions.

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