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Paper instructions: Part 1: For this Module 1 SLP it involves an assessment of an organization (Hotel & casino chain will be the selected organization to examine). The Paper should be formatted according to the LOG502 SLP Assignment Expectations: The written assignment requires an Intro, Conclusion, in-text APA citations and References, written in third person. Please show clearly in the written report the topics from the “Mod1SLP Assignment ” being answered directly & entirely. Use the background/overview attachment for references (attached) along with 3 different sources of info that you select. Very important, please Be careful of paragraph construction and using very long paragraphs. Develop a single idea in a paragraph rather than multiple ideas, which can impede readability and understanding. Part 2: Structure of Multinational Enterprises This week our discussions focus around designing and creating the proper structure of a multinational enterprise. Human resources has a responsibility in creating an organization’s structure, and with that as a background discuss the following: The principle types of organizational structure that are used both domestically and internationally. Discuss the variables that should be considered, and analyzed, when creating an organizational structure. Discuss the differences in a structure for a domestic firm and a multinational organization. Your paper should be 3-4 pages in length and conform to apa7. Include at least two scholarly references.

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