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This project explores the relationship between art, advertisement, and channels of mass communication. This assignment seeks to subvert media messages and stereotypes by modifying an existing ad campaign. Upload your final composition to this assignment thread as an Illustrator file .ai and a .jpeg file.

Choose a REAL product or a public interest campaign. You can research current advertisement campaigns at
Create your own campaign that subverts an existing product or campaign.
Using Illustrator, create a new logo for your ad. The Logo must use vector shapes and text.
Design the layout for your advertisement using Illustrator. Your composition must include logo, text, and image.
All of your raster images must be high resolution (200dpi or higher).
The final composition must subvert a real ad campaign.
Your final composition should be 8.5×11 or larger and saved as an Illustrator file (.ai) and .jpeg file.
Submit your .ai and .jpeg file to this assignment thread.
Artists & Designers
Farhad Moshiri and Shirin Aliabadi
Jeff Wysaski

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