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Study someone you know closely (observe a subject) using the knowledge gained in class and from readings/evidence-based resources.
Analyze what was observed using the assigned growth and development theory appropriate for the age of the person observed.
Select a person between the age of 3 years and older age (over 65 years).
Include your knowledge and observations of your subject in their natural environment. This includes at home, daycare center, nursery school, playground, school, recreation center, job setting, or senior center.
The observer (you) should not be directly responsible for the individual’s care/safety at the time of a direct observation activity.
Guidelines for the observation:
Prior to the observation, read about growth and development of the age group you will be observing.
Use the Denver Developmental Screening Test or other standardized measures appropriate for the age of the person you have selected to observe to help focus your observation.
Take paper, pen and a watch with you for making notes and timing activities during the observation.
Do not join in the activities as much as possible. You are an observer.
Describe what you observe. Be as objective as possible write a rough draft of your observations immediately from your notes in order to be accurate and comprehensive this will help you with writing your final paper.
Guidelines for Writing the Paper
Based on the observation of the person, write an 8 to 10 page, typed paper which describes the person’s behavior. NO ABSTRACT
You should describe the individuals behaviors in relation to the following developmental areas: physical, psychosocial, emotional, moral and cognitive.
You should analyze your subjects behaviors according to developmental theorists from the assigned readings in your text (and prior psychology courses), as appropriate for subjects developmental level e.g. Freud, Erikson, Giselle, Kohlberg, Mahler, Maslow, Neugarten, and Piaget.
Grading Format for Paper
Observation 30%
Analysis 60%
Format 10%
Guidelines for Written Assignment:
Follow APA guidelines and be sure to include: Title page, intext citations with page numbers and separate reference page
1. Followed by an introduction that describes the setting in which the observations took place and individuals interacting with the subject.
2. The first part of the paper should begin with a description of what the individual did during the observation.
3. Include the subject’s exact age, height, weight, physical appearance, actions, verbalizations, emotions, type of play/activity in the way in which the subject related to others and to objects in the environment.
4. The second part of the paper should analyze the observations of the subject.
Compare specific examples of the person’s behavior with the expected “norms” for that age group from the readings (text and/or other references).
5. Keep in mind that depending on the age of the subject you choose; some areas below may not apply.
Include in the Analysis:
1. Physical (Gesell or Growth Charts and Textbook References)
a. What is the child’s level of physical development?
b. Are there any developmental spurts or delays, declining ability?
c. How does the physical development influence plate, school, work or other activities?
2. Psychosocial (Erickson)
a. What stage of psychosocial development was observed?
b. What is the critical task for the stage and how was it expressed in play and interpersonal
3. Cognitive (Piaget)
a. What is the subject’s stage of cognitive development?
b. How does level of cognitive development influence the individual’s behavior in: play,
language, relations with others, etc.?
4. Psychosexual (Freud)
a. What stage of psychosexual development?
b. What aspect of personality is associated with any fixations at any of the stages?
5. Object Relations (Mahler)
a. Where is the child in the separation-individualization process?
6. Hierarchy of needs (Maslow)
a. Describe the subject’s level of need according to the pyramid.
b. Analyze why the subject is at the recorded level of need.
7. Moral Development (Kohlberg, Piaget)
a. Describe value systems and any behaviors observed related to this area.
It Is Important to Support Your Conclusions In The Analysis With References.
Do not use the first person or I. “Refer to yourself as” this observer.”
Identify the subject by initials only. Do not use the subject’s first name.
Proofread the paper and make appropriate corrections in content, spelling and grammar.
Use 7th Edition APA format or style and proper citation of references. Use the writing lab and web resources provided on blackboard and connect to assist you with 7th Edition guidelines. (Purdue OWL online writing)
These 2 questions are questions I asked the professor to clear up certain things that were not stated in prior instructions, use if needed:
How long are our subjects supposed to be observed for? Is there a specific amount of time?
That depends on your observation obtaining all the information that you need to write a complete paper, meeting the objectives of the paper.
When observing, should I be looking for a change in behavior? and if there is no change in behavior is that ok?
You are observing and documenting. If you see change, that can be a part of what you are writing about. I imagine you will see changes in all observances based on their actions, especially younger subjects.

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