How to Write an Analytical Essay

It is a valuable skill to develop analytical arguments in school and university. This skill is useful in many areas, including your professional career and personal life. Analyzing things is a part of our daily lives. However, knowing how to write an analysis paper formalizes the process. It also creates a template for us to follow. This article will explain what an analytical essay is, how to choose the right topic, step-by-step instructions for each paragraph and other helpful tips.

What is an Analytical ESSAY?

An analytical essay is one of the most popular college assignments. It requires you to analyze a topic in detail. You can choose to analyze current events, movies, or books, as well as historical periods. Analytical essays support a claim with evidence. Analytical essays do not rely on emotional appeals or personal anecdotes. Instead, they use logic and facts to build an argument. Contrary to a persuasive essay, where only one side is examined, an analytical essay must present both sides. You should end the essay by expressing your opinions on what you are analyzing.

Analytic essays (also known as critical analytical essays) are academic writing that requires the writer to analyze, interpret and evaluate an idea. This type of writing is not intended to sum up what someone else said, but to examine its meaning from your point of view and present credible evidence to support your claims. This essay can be applied to many disciplines, such as arts, sciences, and the social sciences.

You must cover the introduction (the thesis sentence) and the body paragraphs (which provide support details or analysis for the thesis statement). Finally, the conclusion paragraph will wrap up your ideas with a summary or further analysis/interpretation of your topic. Analytic essays require you to give concrete examples and evidence (e.g. a quote from a book/video) for every point in your paper. Without this, the essay is not considered analytical as it lacks argumentation.

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