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Assignment 3 – Analysing Two Brief Scenarios With Selected Course Concepts and Theories. Deadline: Marks: This assignment is worth 12% of the total course grade. It will be marked out of 100. The marks will be available in turnitin (not Blackboard) Choose 2 out of the 12 brief scenarios Length: Each assignment should be 200-320 words (not counting a title or references). Submission: Submit your answers together in one file. You must use for submission of this assignment. Instructions For each of the 2 scenarios, select one main concept, theory or idea from the course texts that fits the scenario well and apply it to the scenario. For each answer you should: a) Describe the concept, theory or idea that you are using b) Apply the concept or theory to the brief scenario Do not write your answers in Blackboard. Combine your answers in one file and submit through turnitin. Which Course Concepts and Theories Should You Use? You need to make a judgement about this after you have read the scenarios and the course text. Each scenario is written to be related to one main concept or theory from the course text. The first scenario is related to concepts and ideas introduced earlier in the course. The rest of the scenarios are related to concepts, theories and ideas in Chapters 9,10,11 and 12. You should consider all of these texts before deciding which concept, theory or idea to apply. Use Course Texts Only Do not use information, concepts or theories taken from other sources. Indicating Areas of Uncertainty, Partial Explanations and a Lack of Total Fit between Concepts and Reality The application of concepts and theories to real world events is often full of uncertainty. The theories themselves are probabilistic and the concepts sometimes do not fit exactly to the scenario. We are often missing important information. In applying theories and concepts it is important not to ‘force’ the situation to fit a theory or concept by interpreting it selectively or ignoring contradictory information. It is also important, in most cases, not to be too confident in our application. We should see our analysis as a sort of ‘good guess’. It is a guess that is hopefully well supported, informed by established theories and based on a careful reading of events. But it is still far from being certain or complete. Having said this, for this assignment the scenarios have been written to ensure that there is quite a good fit with the theories and concepts described in the course text. 


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