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Question 1.

A.Transform the following open ended questions into closed-ended questions.

a. Are you happy with your experience with us?

b. How can we help you find what you are looking for today?

c. How can we make this page better

d. Where exactly did you first hear about us?

e. How did you find out about us?

B.Transform the following closed-ended questions into open ended questions.

a. Are you happy with your experience with us?

b. Did you find what you were looking for?

c. Do you have anything else to add?

d. Do you want to dine with us again?

e. Did you enjoy the food?

2.Identify following questions whether it is an open ended question or a close ended- question.

Questions: I Open- Ended Question I Close-Ended Questions

1.Were you planning on becoming a fireman? I I

2.Should I call her and sort things out? I I

3.Is it wrong to want to live on my own at this age? I I

4.Shall we make dinner together tonight? I I

5. Could I possibly be a messier house guest? I I

6. What is the matter with the people in that class? I I

7.How exactly does one replace the screen to a cellular phone? I I

8.Where are you going to find the time to writeall those letters?

9.Why can’t I come along with you?

10. What makes the leaves change color?

3.Let us try to assess your learning about survey and questionnaire. Kindly fill out the second column of the table below.

I Survey I Questionnaire

Objective I I

Advantages I I

Disadvantages I I

4.Instruction: Formulate at least five questions and conduct a survey with three of your family members about their experiences during Enhance Community Quarantine. Record their answers on a one whole sheet of paper. Make a summary of their answers and the insights you gain from their experiences.

5.Choose at least five (5) transitions below and write the cohesive paragraph using them that tells about your experience in using module in the new norm. Refer to the rubrics for the scoring.

afterwards, also, as well as, at last, at the same time, before, first, for example, immediately, in fact, later, meanwhile, next, not only, once, otherwise, previously, then, therefore, too, usually

6.In preparation for a research, you have to choose what instrument fits to your project and more applicable to your plan. To be ready, give the advantage and disadvantage of each instrument.









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