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You are the newly appointed brand manager for Grooming Partner, an unscented deodorant shampoo aimed at Generation X members. Sales of this brand have been declining for quite some time and recent exploratory research conducted by the company suggests that your brand is no longer price competitive. From your study of marketing, you think that a reconsideration of the market segmentation used previously to better understand the target consumer might be the key to this dilemma.
From your own investigation of organisations similar to yours, you discover that many marketers of deodorants in those organisations sharpen their marketing strategy by adopting a multivariate demographic segmentation (i.e. combining two or more demographic variables) approach. Using examples, explain why and how such a segmentation approach might be used to inform strategy in attempting to resolve the sales decline.                                                                                                (5 Marks)
b) What pricing strategy or strategies might work best with your suggested segmentation approach to recover this situation and why? Illustrate your argument with example(s).                                                               (5 Marks)
c) With reference to the case above in what ways can social media be used to alter the relationship between the between marketers and consumers.
(5 Marks)
Growing roses in household gardens is not easy. Angelica Nurseries has developed a rosebush that needs no spraying, pruning, or dusting and has prolific flowering. What advice of direct relevance to this situation would you give Angelica Nurseries to develop brand recognition and sustain consumer loyalty for:
a) Their new product; (5 Marks)
b) Their product range more generally; and (5 Marks)
c) Their corporate nursery brand? (5 Marks)


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