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 1. Describe, Compare and discuss the effectiveness of the following models. (Unit 3 1.1) – Argyle’s Communication Cycle – Shannon and Weaver’s communication Cycle – Schramm’s model of communication
2. How does using effective communication impact on practice? (Unit 3 1.2)
3. Develop and implement organisational processes to ensure that records and reports are written clearly and concisely and to keep information safe and preserve confidentiality: ? Audit your communication methods using your organisational audit tool. ? How effective are the various methods? What works and what doesn’t? ? How can you improve the communication methods you use ? (S9 ). Unit 3 2.1 and numeracy).
 4. Your communication policy and procedure should be in a format that everyone can read. Give examples of how you have adapted your policy to meet the needs of: • People who access care and support. • Families. • Other colleagues. Submit a copy with this activity (S10).
 5. Discuss a range of tools and strategies to enhance communication including use of technology(K9).
6. Discuss a range of information management systems and how those systems enhance communication? (Unit 3 2.2).
Primary Regulations: Your Systems: GDPR Internal records, handovers, files and meetings Freedom of Information External Systems: Multi agency working documents and shared records CQC Fundamental standards Digital technology: Email, electronic files, assistive technology.
 7. Discuss legal and ethical frameworks in relation to confidentiality and sharing information, (K8). Think of an example from your practice and discuss at length the tensions faced when maintaining confidentiality and the need to share information (Unit 3 2.3).
8. Returning to the models you described in question 1, how do models of communication promote positive outcomes for individuals? (Unit 3 3.3)
9. Returning to the information management system discussed in question 6, how can information management systems promote an integrated workforce and positive outcomes for all? (Unit 3 4.3)
 10. Good communication is central to successful caring relationships and effective team works. How do you promote this, give examples?


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